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Physiological Rhythm: Two Phases: Stimulation and Expression.

Newborns are having flawless feeding skills right from the start. They clearly know how to get more milk in less time just by changing their sucking manner.

Scientific researches* show that in the beginning newborns suck quick but not deep, and then they switch to a slower and deeper suckling rhythm. Fast sucking motion in the beginning stimulates milk ejection and then, following slower sucking draws out milk for the feeding.

All LACTEA Smart breast pumps are able to mimic this physiological rhythm.

Physiological Rhythm


Fast rhythm, app. 120 cycles per minute stimulates milk ejection reflex.


Slower rhythm provides gentle and effective milk expression.

*Wolff P: H: The serial organisation of sucking in the young infant. Paediatrics 1968. 42:943-956. Kent, J. C., Ramsey D. T., Doherty, D., Larsson, M., and Hartmann, :E: Response of breasts to different stimulation patterns of an electric breastpump. Journal of Human Lactation (2003) 19: 179-186. Mizuno K, Ueda A. Changes in sucking performance from nonnutritive sucking to nutritive sucking during breast — and bottlefeeding. Pediatr Res 2006; 59(5): 728-731


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