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Double Pumping (simultaneous pumping of both breasts)

Science* clearly proves that double pumping is significantly more efficient then single. It’s not only faster but it stimulates an additional let down effect. Moreover, expressed milk has higher fat content. It simply means that during double pumping breast becomes much better drained.

Benefits of Double Pumping:

  • Fat content rises by 8,3 %
  • Milk expression rises by  18% from both breasts
  • Time saving is up to 2 hrs. a day
  • Milk with higher fat content is especially helpful for premature babies
Double Pumping

LACTEA Smart pumps can work either as single or double pump. Once we convinced you in Double Pumping benefits don’t forget to purchase double version of LACTEA Smart or buy an additional pumping kit to turn your single pump into double and enjoy all double pumping benefits.

* Prime DK, Geddes DT, Spatz DL, Robert M, Trengove NJ and Hatmann PE. Using milk flow rate to investigate milk ejection in the left and right breasts during simultaneous breast expression in women. International Breastfeeding Journal 2009, 4:10


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